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This website will promote personal development programs, self-development courses and other activities that promote personal growth and self-improvement. Restricted areas of this site will be made available to those individuals who demonstrate a commitment to self-improvement, a respect for the environment and animals, and the willingness to help others.

The Society believes that all beings are created equal and only their thoughts and actions determine their future and quality of life. All beings are created with the ability and the means necessary to enjoy a healthy, successful and happy life.

We believe that Divinely Inspired Knowledge belongs to all, and that it should be made readily available to those who seek it–free of commercial interests or other agendas.

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Our Current Project

Free Healings and Learn To Heal
Experience, Rejoice, Share

Spring Forest Qigong mending depends on the rule that everything known to mankind is vitality. You are a vitality being. For ideal wellbeing, health, and joy, you have to bring your vitality into equalization, keep up the parity, and keep the vitality streaming easily.

At the point when your vitality isn’t in equalization, vitality blockages will be made. On the off chance that the blockages are not evacuated, physical or dysfunctional behavior is probably going to show. The ailment is an indication of the blockage or blockages.

Our Suggestion

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)

EFT World Centre Gary Craig Founder, free resources and products for sale.

E-Tappings Brad Yates EFT Techniques, Audio and Video Products, many free resources and video films, audio products for sale.

Free EFT Audio guided meditations (Stress release, Audio Guided Meditations)

Free Raja Yoga Meditation Audio

Free Stress Release Audio

Healing and Self-Healing (

Healings and self-healing: A site dedicated to spiritual healing, energy healing and divine healing. Be prepared for an powerful free healing experience. This new free healing technique is available free of charge–but wait there is more :-); those who experience the healing are also able to learn to heal.


Ho’oponopono (a method for atonement introduced and practised by M. Simeona).

Free Ho’oponopono cleaning tools and other resources and Ho’oponopono meditations


The Kabbalah Centre: Books, videos and online courses. We recommend the study and purchase of the Book The 72 Names of God.

Rav Michael Laitman, PhD Kabbalah Academy Centre: Free video films and information about Kabbalah.

Mantras, Chants

Chant for world peace free audio video chant

Free audio guided chants

Sri Dattatreya Siva Baba: “The One Minute Guide To Prosperity and Enlightenment” by Sri Dattatreya Siva Baba.

Free Hatha Yoga Breathing Exercise incorporating the Om Na Ma Shivaya Mantra and haunting whale songs

Mind Development

Silva Mind Development Home Study Program

Free Superpower Vision Board


Free Reiki Self Healing Resources and Meditations